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Biscuitville Mrtinville, VA

1121 Memorial Blvd
Martinsville, VA

The subject property is a 3,800 square foot fast food retail building located on W. Dixie Dr. The tenant is a family owned operator that has been in business for thirty years. Since 1975, Biscuitville has served their customers a top quality breakfast. Thirty years later the over-all goal has not changed. By using only the freshest ingredients, they have earned the reputation for having GOOD SOUTHERN FOOD FAST, WITHOUT ALL THE HOOPLA. Biscuitville is a privately owned fast food retailer with fortyeight locations. Their restaurant locations cover Southern Virginia and North Carolina, including the Triad, Triangle, and surrounding areas. Let Biscuitville take you back to a time and place where biscuits were made fresh, and theirs are made from scratch and "Hot Every 20 Minutes." The goal at Biscuitville isn't quantity, it's QUALITY.


Building Size

2,035 sf

Deal Type


Sale Price

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