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Deals Plaza Elgin IL

1015 North Randall Road
Elgin, IL

Deals Plaza is located at 1015 N. Randall Road in Elgin, IL. Positioned adjacent to a Wal-Mart and next to a Home Depot, Deals is a attractive investment for many investors. Situated on Randall Road, Deals is on one of the heaviest traveled retail corridors in the state of Illinois (50,000+). This investment also offers an investor the opportunity to acquire a stabilized asset with a corporate guaranteed lease. Deals operates under the Save-a-Lot corporation which is one of the nation's leading extreme value, limited assortment grocery chains, operating more than 1,250 value-oriented stores in all types of neighborhoods — urban, rural and suburban. Once again, Deals presents an excellent opportunity to own a quality retail asset in a phenomenal location.


Building Size

24,565 sf

Deal Type

Shopping Center

Sale Price

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