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Piqua Plaza Piqua OH

1923 - 1947 Covington Avenue
Piqua, OH

Piqua, located on the shores of the beautiful Great Miami River, is 18 miles north of Dayton and 73 miles north of Cincinnati. Piqua sits on the I-75 corridor just 15 miles north of I-70. The Dayton International Airport is located 15 miles south of Piqua. Piqua has a corporate airport, which is located on State Route 185 just three miles from downtown Piqua. Piqua Plaza services the local community and was recently updated with over $1.5 million in improvements. There are many exciting developments occurring in the city of Piqua. It is a city with a population of 21,000 and a diverse group of over 100 mid to small size industries to better serve the industries and population of Piqua. Sixty million dollars has been invested it its infrastructure. In addition, there has been up to 800 acres of land zoned for industrial development and 1,500 acres zoned and designated for residential development. The City Manager is very pro- growth oriented and aggressive. The city is, as well, designing a new logo and positioning statement for the future. The retail environment in Piqua is extremely strong. The average household income is over $47,000, well above the state average. As the economy and business in Piqua continue to expand, retail business will follow the same trajectory.


Building Size

134,981 sf

Deal Type

Shopping Center

Sale Price

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